Alberto Moioli Art Consultancy for Parcus Gallery

Annuncio con vero piacere e onore la nuova collaborazione internazionale con la PARCUS GALLERY di Robert L. Parcus, un amico e un eccellente professionista.

A tutti gli artisti italiani la Parcus Gallery, in collaborazione con Arte Limpida Srl, offre numerose opportunità di sviluppo del percorso artistico di inserimento nel mercato dell’arte internazionale, rivolgendosi ai collezionisti di tutto il mondo.

Alberto Moioli


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“Our gallery has a new address: Aistersheim Castle in Austria.

A lot of space with a lot of magic and elegance, providing excellent references for our headquarters, encouraging buyers to visit us and purchase our artistic works.

The Castle is located in a place that is not the “5th Avenue” but the effect of this beautiful location should lead to greater purchasing incentives and we will also start to place more emphasis on solo, duo and collective exhibitions by our artists in other partner galleries, institutions and fairs. A very important and attractive new scenario that comes with many changes in our operations as well.

We will have several halls and rooms at our disposal as well as excellent spaces for holding events, such as vernissages.

Other events should be created, such as small artistic residences and retreats.

A housewarming party is already being “studied” for the month of May and I want everyone to be able to attend.

I hope that with this, our gallery enters a new commercial phase, even with the difficulties of Corona Virus, but with a lot of work and a lot of success, attracting more and better business opportunities.

I count on the support of all to give the best visibility and attractiveness to our artists and their works of art.”

Robert L Parcus

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