SEN SHOMBIT – “Vibrant Harmony”

Vibrant Harmony
Artistic maturity in Sen’s large format paintings

By Alberto Moioli

In this new series of large paintings, I can see a coherent governing principle, fil-rouge, in the consistency of the works of Sen Shombit. He ideally unites this new series with his previous works, once again confirming a particularly cultured and refined artistic maturity, unique in its kind. It makes me name these grandiose works as Vibrant Harmony. Maestro Sen has the extraordinary ability to translate
his profound reflections into Art with gestural treatment. In the paintings of this Vibrant Harmony series, a style that identifies him is evident. In each work the joy of life triumphs through a perfect balance between poetry and harmony, between abstraction and figuration and between the material and spiritual.
The works of Sen Shombit are carriers of messages that induce the viewer/collector to interact with colour and with figures that appear evident only after careful observation, figures that appear only to those who are
inquisitively involved.
These large paintings belong to the path of the Gesturism Art movement, founded by this internationally renowned French-Indian artist. In these works we find a very deep attention to symbolism linked to the authentic celebration of the beauty of women, in constant dialogue with other living creatures.
The colour palette used in Sen’s works belongs to the history of the artist, the soul of man and the enigma
that is India. Every painting is an emotion that constantly weaves an energy that is extraordinarily vital and triggers the mind with Vibrant Harmony.
To devour each work, as Henri Matisse would say, it is necessary to place oneself in front of it “as on an armchair, in which one can rest without distractions or disturbances,” letting oneself be carried away, involved and moved by the artistic gestures of Sen Shombit.

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Sen Shombit FLIRT/FLIRTING 2019: Theme: Rhythm of Emotion Acrilic on canvas 240 x 200 polyptyque Vision: Gesturism Art

SEN Shombit on this web site:

  • Video – Notable French Art Critic, Patrice de la Perrière, Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, reviews the works of art of painter Sen Shombit. He explains Sen’s creation of Gesturism Art which is abstract with hidden figuratives, and Sen’s new style of art called Désordre Harmony.



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