Srushti Rao

Srushti Rao is a further validation of earnest indications from India to the world of contemporary art.

Srushti Rao is a particularly interesting artist by the virtue of an expressive path that has ranged from figurative to the most recent abstract creative reflections.

It is a synthesis achieved through a cultural awareness, a profound introspection where lines, colours and shapes have sometimes assumed a geometric expression interspersed with the presence/absence of silhouette figures.

Every work is an eternal dialogue between graphics and art, between thought and intimate reflection. The striking significance of this work is the path that has led to this particularly interesting expressive synthesis, a step forward that allows the artist to be more and more confronted with an increasingly wide and variegated international panorama.

Each work is therefore an expressive reflection that belongs deep to the artist as a “reflection of the Soul”, I love when she says


“Life is complicated, and I like to simplify things, compartmentalize and action them sequentially. Maybe it is that subconscious personality trait that gets reflected in my painting style as well. I have depicted portraits, figures, landscapes and now abstraction within these ‘lines’. ….

… My art has been a constant companion in my journey of life and it has developed consequently, reflecting, emulating, challenging, and steadily progressing as I lap in life experiences-the good, the bad, the ugly and the thought provoking… “

Art is therefore understood as a process of confrontation but above all as inner growth, constant and irrepressible in the case of Srushti Rao, an interpreted language through research, experimentation and innovation.

Her art in 2019 was exhibited with great success in Milan, Italy, an event that followed the previous exhibitions (Mumbai, New Delhi, Jakarta, Paris and Dubai). I am sure, we will hear more and more about her.

Alberto Moioli – Aica International member

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